Space-shooter from the studio responsible for Burn Zombie Burn! due next year.
Doublesix Games will release Strike Suit Zero on PC and consoles in “early 2012.” The game puts you in control of a “transforming fighter” known as a “Strike Suit,” the press release reads. The game’s ships have been designed by Junji Okubo, of Steel Battalion and Appleseed: Ex Machina fame.
“Strike Suit Zero is inspired by the classic space combat games we all love,” said Doublesix Games’ creative director, Jim Mummery. “But our game goes further – it takes that inspiration, pumps up the pace and injects a massive sense of urgency to excite and challenge the player.”
The set up is one of an Earth on the verge of destruction and “its only hope is the Strike Suit.” Doublesix also hinted to IncGamers that your path through the game will change depending on the choices you make during the missions.

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