Strike Vector

If you purchased Ragequit’s aerial shooter-like title Strike Vector then remember that they promised free content updates. Today they stay true to their word and released a new patch for the game which also come comes with new content.

Included in this update is one new mode, two new maps, CTF version of current maps and leaderboards. I think you’ll agree that’s a pretty hefty content update so well done Ragequit.

Wonder what that “mystery” button does? Here’s the full notes.


– Mystery button now operationnal (if you meet the requirements).
– new unlocks.
– New grades to reach.
– Teamplay spawn system improved. Players will never spawn anymore on the ennemie side.

– Added a world/friends ranking leaderboards.

Capture the flag
– New mode added.
– Players holding the flag lose 20% of their max speed until they drop the flag.

– The votemap panel behavior has changed. All the available game modes are proposed. (DM, TDM, Bounty Hunter, Domination, CTF).
– A “restart match” option has been added.


Plasma gun
– damage increased from 70 to 80.

Booster (CTF only)
– Strongly decreases the effect of booster when carrying the flag.


– New map added.
– Being too close to lava will now damage your vector.
– Playable on the official servers in TDM and domination modes too.

– NEW map added.
– Takes place in a after-battle environment where everything is destroyed except a temple.

Rival Sanctuaries
– Sanctuary map has been drastically changed to fit better with the CTF mode.
– Playable on the official servers in TDM too.

– Platform93 map has been drastically changed to fit better with the CTF mode.
– Playable on the official servers in TDM too.

– Static lava damages now your vector.

– Clouds added.


– adminkick [PLAYERNAME] : Kicks out the specified player.
– adminban [PLAYERNAME] : Ban the specified player.
– restartmatch : Force a restart of the current match.
– Admins cannot crash the server anymore if they use the changemap command with a non existant map name.


– Kill/Death ratio can be over 100% FIXED.
– Having the Strike Damage reduces the engines sounds FIXED
– Stats and levels are resetting if player start a game when offline FIXED.
– And many other small fixes…

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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