The Games Company has revealed a new survivial horror action title for the PC which is due for release next year.Developed by Italian developer Pix Rev, I’m Not Alone will apparently send shivers up your spine and promises “innovative gameplay elements, locations full of atmosphere and perfectly staged shock moments.”Gamers will take on the role of an exorcist who travels to the Austrian mountains to rid an old mansion of supernatural powers. There will be a certain amount of shock-horror factor as players come face to face with demons from the underworld and  to survive they must use all the powers at their disposal, including psychic abilities, to switch between the real world and the demon world while exploring the mansion. Spooky!    “I am very glad that we have been able to secure the worldwide marketing rights for I’m not Alone and expand our portfolio with a high-quality action adventure for the first time,” said Christian Sauerteig, director marketing & sales at TGC.“With I’m not Alone we would like to offer a tense horror experience in one of the world´s most popular genres.”

    Paul Younger
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