SW: TOR Dev Talks Trooper Creation

The principal lead combat designer for Star Wars: The Old Republic has spoken out about creating the recently announced Trooper class.

Damion Schubert talks bout the development team’s apprehension as they pushed the Trooper out the testers. This is a  new class that has no sexy lightsabers and no force powers. The developers didn’t want it to be too similar to a Bounty Hunter with a multitude of gadgets in its suit, so the Trooper just has a big gun and a variety of ways to do plenty of damage with it. The reaction from testers was a relief:

“They responded well–far better than we imagined, in fact. The scores that day were the highest we had seen to date. It turns out there are a lot of people who like to blow things up. And that’s what the Trooper does best.”

Read the blog over on the official SW: TOR site to find out more about the creation of the latest class in this highly anticipated upcoming new MMO.

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