Good news for fans of bizarre Swery-created games, maybe not so good news for people who like amazing PC ports; D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die is heading our way.

This transition from Xbox One to PC has been rumoured for a while, ever since PC builds of D4 were spotted (and played) at this year’s Game Developer Conference in March.

Today, Swery himself has confirmed that the port is indeed happening. He did it on twitter in his own very Swery way.

If you still wake up in a cold sweat thinking about how the Deadly Premonition port turned out, Swery has some possible words of comfort about history not repeating itself.

That’s all you can ask of someone, really.

In D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die, you play as time-travelling detective David Young who’s trying to undo the events which resulted in the murder of his wife. Also you live with a woman who thinks she’s a cat. Like, she really thinks she’s a cat.

It’s an episodic game, but in a slightly unusual way. This first release contains three ‘episodes’ that form an opening ‘season.’ There might be more episodes coming or … there might not be. I’ve no idea whether this means it has a satisfying conclusion – but presumably there’s a bit of cliffhanger.

The original Xbox One release was pretty Kinect focused, but could also be played with a basic controller. So that’s presumably how the PC version will work too (though hopefully with keyboard and mouse controls as well.)

There’s no release date for the PC version just yet.

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