Playwood Project will be mashing together tabletop figurines and real time battles (albeit with a turn based “feel”) on 17 March, when they launch Wartile in Steam Early Access. As you’ll be able to see from the screenshots below they’re leaning right into the tabletop aesthetic, setting each encounter on a virtual ‘board’ landscape.

    Wartile will have both single and multiplayer modes, and puts you in command of ranged and melee Viking units. Each unit type will have its own abilities that can be countered by other models.

    It’s a little difficult to figure out how the real time aspect will work when the game so closely resembles a turn-based title, but here’s what the game summary says about that: “The game replicates the feeling of playing a tabletop game but with faster, more immediate combat. Each Battle Board is an intricately realised digital diorama complete with tiles that allow players to strategize their tactical moves and attack in real time.”

    Units will be customisable with stat tokens, ability cards, as well as different armour and weapons. An older trailer (from a closed alpha) and some images follow.


    Peter Parrish

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