Tactical deployment: ARMA Tactics available now on Steam

Arma Tactics

Bohemia Interactive get tactical with the release of ARMA Tactics on Steam today.

While we’re all familiar with ARMA 3, perhaps ARMA Tactics slipped under your radar. The game is a turn-based tactical combat title where you control a squad of four and undertake numerous missions. How you tackle each of the randomised mission objectives is up the player.

The game is available now on Steam for $8.99/€6.99/£5.99 and comes with PC specific enhancements such as high-detailed textures, post effects, high-detailed light maps, enhanced shaders and shadows, silenced weapons, mortar fire, and optimised controls for the PC’s keyboard and mouse.

Purchase the game and you also get and exclusive campaign as well as the PC, Mac and Linux versions of the game.

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