Costume Quest 2 and Gone Home announced for PC/Consoles

Good news for Costume Quest and Gone Home fans, Costume Quest 2 is coming to PC and consoles and  Gone Home the award winning PC game published by The Fullbright Company  is coming to consoles this Fall with the help of Midnight City and Majesco Entertainment Company. Costume Quest 2 is a sequel to Costume Quest an adventure role-playing video game developed by Double Fine Productions and published by THQ. There are no details on which consoles Costume Quest 2 and Gone Home will be available on look for more info in the future as their release dates get closer.

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Papers, Please Might Come To The Vita

Lucas Pope, the developer of the hugely popular and morally complex game Papers, Please has revealed that he would like to see the game released on the Vita, but that he isn’t sure who should be in charge of the development duties.

Whilst speaking to VG247, Pope said that he couldn’t decide on whether he should do it himself or hand the game over to another developer. Pope is the only person to have had control over the source codes and assets so he will have to decide if he wants to hand the project over.

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Early Access Is Unlikely To Come To PS4 & Xbox One

“Early Access” has become increasingly popular on the PC gaming market. For those who are unaware, early access is a feature used by game developers to sell the game before it is actually completed. Customers can pay a certain amount to gain access to the game before its official release and can experience it like a sort of beta. While early access has proved to be hugely successful for games like Minecraft, some less honorable developers have been known to take peoples money and then never finish the game properly. This has led to some people becoming critical of the feature and even claiming it may ruin gaming. Whether you love it or hate it, it seems unlikely it will come to consoles.

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