Review: Lighting Returns Final Fantasy XIII — A Majora’s Mask

Lightning. Connotation suggests that the character in its likeness elicits a strong response with gamers. Empowering, beautiful, strong, or just bland, shallow, and style over substance, all have been used to describe the titular matriarch. This is Lightning’s game and after fans claimed there wasn’t enough of her in the previous sequel, the star returns to play dress up, wield god like power and save our souls.

Blamed for the downfall of a series, its death even, the third game in the Fabula Nova Chrystallis saga heralds the conclusion to the most controversial chapter in Final Fantasy’s history. Amidst all the hurt feelings, betrayals and perceived sacrileges against the franchise, has the trilogy finally succeeded in validating its creators original vision? That depends on who you ask and by turning an already divisive formula on its head, Lightning Returns alters yet again what we know as an RPG today.

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Grizzled Veterans podcast EP#23: Lightning, Vampires, and Titans, Oh my!

After our most successful episode in terms of listens/downloads yet, Grizzled Veterans brings you the 23rd installment of their vaunted podcast.  Since we accidentally missed January entirely, Donovan and I touch on New Years, the weather and all the boring things people talk about to fill time before getting to the good stuff. Tons of games coming out that deserve attention; Lightning Returns, Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2, Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes and finally Thief. They all get their due and then some. Tons of Titanfall talk and speculation as well.

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Predicting 2014: Gaming’s Biggest Stories and Trends

Every year seems to have a narrative to it.  Sometimes, it’s the games; other times, it’s the controversies or the emergence of something new that attempts to add new wrinkles to the medium. Call of Duty. DLC. Micro-transactions. These were some of the most influential game-changers of the last generation of consoles. With 2013 already becoming a hazy memory, the games industry is turning its eyes to what the future might hold. This is the year where next-generation consoles are the prime focus for the industry and with that, the biggest players will attempt new strategies to win big.

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