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Latest Minecraft Updates

Minecraft reaches 13 million copies sold

We’ve been watching the Minecraft sales numbers slowly tick up all week and today the blocky smash hit reached a new sales milestone. Minecraft has now shifted a whopping 13 million copies of the PC…

By: Paul Younger

Minecraft Twitch integration now open to the public

If you’re reading this, you’re connected to the internet, which means there’s a 98.2% chance that you stream games onto Twitch.tv or upload them onto YouTube. Good news: you can now stream Minecraft to Twitch…

By: Tim McDonald

Minecraft adding Twitch streaming support

There’s not much gamers won’t watch these days on Twitch and Mojang are keen to join the action with Mincecraft  which has proved popular viewing on the streaming service. Today at Minecon in Orlando, Mojang…

By: Paul Younger

Amazing UK OS map recreated in Minecraft

The Ordnance Survey  Innovation Labs team have been undertaking a rather unusual project, the recreation of the the UK in Minecraft. According to their site, the UK has been recreated with 22 billion blocks covering over 220,000…

By: Paul Younger

Minecraft surpasses 9 million sold on PC and Mac

Notch was busy this morning pointing out that Minecraft has sold a whopping 9+ million copies. In a Tweet he added: Minecraft has now sold 9 million copies on PC/Mac! That’s so awesome, it’s making…

By: Paul Younger

Minecraft on PC sells 8 million

Fans of Notch’s Minecraft will be pleased to hear that the PC version of the blocky building game has now sold a whopping 8 million units. In a Tweet from  Markus Persson he simply says:…

By: Paul Younger

Minecraft to get bizarre Far Cry 3 tie-in

Cross-promotion has officially gone a bit weird, with an announcement from Ubisoft about a Far Cry 3 tie-in for Minecraft. The free map and texture pack will be released through the official Far Cry website…

By: Peter Parrish

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