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Rise of Venice

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Rise of Venice Review

There was a brief moment during my time with Rise of Venice where I thought it may have the potential to be a sort of Renaissance-era Elite. Tired of my eighteen hour slog through the…

By: Peter Parrish

Rise of Venice video shows you how to trade

Rise of Venice video shows you how to trade

Kalypso’s Rise of Venice tasks players with creating a trading empire across the Mediterranean during the Renaissance which is probably quite tricky. Thsi new video explains how trading works through goods distribution between cities which…

By: Paul Younger

Rise of Venice closed beta announced

Kalypso will be running an extremely limited closed beta test for their upcoming merchant simulation Rise of Venice. With 50 spots available world-wide, this is going to be one tough test to get on. If…

By: Paul Younger

Rise of Venice announced for strategy buffs

Kalypso are set to join the historical strategy club with a new game called Rise of Venice which they plan to release some time in Q3 this year. Set in Renaissance Europe, players will be…

By: Paul Younger