Beyond The Sea 1

Steer clear of Stan’s used shipyard and you’ll be fine.

Kalypso has announced a sizeable expansion for renaissance trade-em-up Rise of Venice, in the form of Beyond the Sea. This $20.00 USD add-on enlarges the game map by around 50% and brings 13 new cities for you to trade goods between (or besiege, if you’re feeling harsh.)

Effectively, it opens up France and Portugal to your oceanic trading empire. Family members will play more of a role now, offering ‘Residence missions’ for players to complete for special rewards. In addition, new Doge tasks will keep you on your toes. Fancy engaging in a trade war with Genoa? Well, now you can.

Beyond the Sea will also add a new ship: the famous NAO class. I’m taking the game’s word for it that the NAO is famous.

While I was not the biggest fan of the game, others seem to be digging it. Those players may or may not relish paying another $20.00 USD for more of the same.

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