Samurai Siege Surpasses $12 Million Revenue in First Six Months

Space Ape Games bolster global success with Japanese launch

London games studio Space Ape Games has exceeded USD$12 million in revenue and 5.5 million downloads for its mid-core, multi-player, real-time strategy game Samurai Siege within its first six months.

Having launched globally on iOS and Android in October 2013, the multi-player game became profitable during beta in Australia and – upon global launch – rocketed to the top of the Grossing Apps charts. Samurai Siege reached number 1 grossing strategy game in 40 countries, and top five in the grossing App Charts across 136 countries. Currently available in 9 languages across 149 territories with a 4.6 out of 5 average rating, Samurai Siege was also released in Japan on May 1st. It featured on the App Store and reached number 3 in the download charts having been fully localised for the Japanese market.

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