Take-Two: Duke Nukem will be back

But, perhaps not in videogame form…
Duke Nukem’s EGO is so bad that not even terrible review scores can dent his confidence or public visibility, Duke Nukem Forever scores currently averaging around 5/10. It also seems that Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick is equally difficult to deter, telling Forbes that “You will see another Duke IP from this company.”
However, future ‘another Duke IP’ may not arrive in videogame form.
“We don’t want to ever be in the position of dumping something down just to make another buck,” said Zelnick. “If we can take some of our intellectual property and bring it to another medium in an extraordinary high quality way, that delights consumers and represents an interesting commercial opportunity for us, we will… So far we haven’t brought anything to market, but stay tuned.”
Duke Nukem likes Boobs: The Musical, that’s my prediction/wish.
IncGamers’ Tim McDonald took charge of the Duke Nukem Forever review, it can be found here.