Tales of Zestiria pre-orders include Tales of Symphonia

Tales of Zestiria pre-orders include Tales of Symphonia

Bandai Namco appear to be really serious about Tales of Zestiria‘s forthcoming Steam release, as it’s got an awful lot of pre-order bonuses.

Tales of Zestiria has that tiered pre-order bonus thing, where the more people pre-order, the more bonuses are unlocked. A basic pre-order will net you a classic weapons skin set, offering five swords based on important weapons from previous Tales of games.

The first tier offers male costumes and related battle music, with Sorey able to dress up as Tales of Vesperia‘s Yuri, Mikleo getting an outfit from Tales of Destiny‘s Leon, Dezel getting Tales of the Abyss‘ Luke’s outfit, and Zaveid getting Tales of Symphonia‘s Zelos’ outfit.

The second tier does much the same, but for the female characters. Alisha gets Tales of Graces f‘s Cheria’s outfit, Lailah gets Tales of Phantasia‘s Mint’s outfit, Edna gets Tales of Xillia‘s Elize’s outfit, and Rose gets Tales of Xillia 2‘s Milla’s outfit. And if I haven’t spelled at least one of those names wrong I’ll be slightly amazed.

Right, that’s the slightly more boring stuff (which is surprisingly difficult to write about) out of the way. The third and final tier is the big one: this offers a free copy of Tales of Symphonia, which isn’t due out on Steam until 2016. That’s quite a way off, considering Tales of Zestiria is coming on 20 October, but it’s a pretty neat little bonus. Buy one Tales of game now, get another one free next year! Honestly, I didn’t even know Tales of Symphonia was coming to Steam.

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Obviously, that’s assuming that the third pre-order tier is actually hit, but considering that particular reward I’d be sort of surprised if it wasn’t.

Tales of Zestiria pre-orders are open now for £39.99, with the game itself due out on 20 October. Considering it’s a PC version of a JRPG, I will probably try to get some version impressions up around the time of launch; it looks like Bandai Namco are taking this pretty seriously, but you never know…

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