Taz, Velma, and The Iron Giant join MultiVersus, which is going into Open Beta this July

Multiversus Trailer Shaggy Batman Taz Iron Giant Open Beta Feat

WB Games has unleashed a tidal wave of news today regarding its upcoming platform fighter. MultiVersus, which sees the likes of Bugs Bunny clobbering Wonder Woman, will have an Open Beta this July. This comes following the news of a Closed Alpha, which begins in just a few days. We also got the lowdown on some new characters. Taz, Velma, and The Iron Giant will throw down as part of the MultiVersus roster.

Indeed, it’s a load of new info, which got paired with a cinematic trailer (that also served as an announcement trailer for the new fighters). If, in your wildest imagination, you wanted to see Batman and Shaggy team up against Bugs and Arya Stark, well, the trailer will grant your bizarre, fever-dream desires. Many of the other characters show up as well, with the new aforementioned trio touching down near the end. Developer Player First Games is also still clearly leaning hard into that Shaggy meme, isn’t it?


The familiar characters are brought to life with familiar voices. Many of the fighters in the game are getting matched up with their voice actors. Kevin Conroy returns as Batman, John DiMaggio is back as Jake the Dog, and it sure sounds like Michaela Dietz is coming back as the indomitable Garnet. Taz is getting voiced by Jim Cummings in MultiVersus, while Kate Micucci reprises her role as Velma, as she had in Be Cool, Scooby Doo!

Still plenty of space on the roster

After its Closed Alpha, MultiVersus will have an Open Beta. Unfortunately, we don’t know not much other than its kick-off month of July. It should leave plenty time for fighting game fans to get their skills up before the big EVO 2022 tournament. Before that, though, the Closed Alpha will run from May 19 to May 27. There’s still time to sign up before it starts.

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