Team Fortress 2 Engineer Update Fully Detailed

Value has released the Team Fortress 2 Engineer update that so many fans have been waiting for. 
Included in the update are three new weapons for the engineer and four new maps titled: Thunder Mountain, High Tower, Upward and finally a level built by the community ColdFront.
The Three new weapons included in the update are the Gunslinger which will replace the beloved wrench allowing players to build mini-sentry turrets, the Wrangler which will replace the standard pistol and will give the engineer complete control over a turret of there choice and finally the shotgun replacement entitled the “Frontier Justice” which incorporates a new revenge crits system.
The Team Fortress 2 update will automatically download after a Steam reboot which will address all fixes and changes.
The full change list and screenshots can be found below:

Team Fortress 2 — Engineer Update

Added The Frontier Justice.

Added The Wrangler.

Added The Gunslinger.

Added The Southern Hospitality.

Added 35 Engineer achievements.

Engineers can now pick up & move their buildings.

Added Engineer main menu music.


Fixed client crash related flash light usage.

Fixed several issues related to alt-tabbing (invisible players, etc.).

Added 4 new maps:

Thunder Mountain, a 3 stage Payload map.

Hightower, a Payload Race map.

Upward, a Payload map.

ColdFront, a community built Capture Point map.

Item tuning:

The Sandvich now uses a cool down timer, instead of the health pack recharge mechanic.

The Gunboats now reduce self-damage by 60% (was 75%)

The Tribalman’s Shiv bleed duration reduced to 6 second (was 8), and its damage penalty increased to 50% (was 35%).

Added better feedback sound for Pyros on when their flamethrower is doing damage.

Fixed blood effect on bleeding player.

Added a glow effect to Payload carts.

Added Romanian language support.