Valve has revealed the War update for Team Fortress 2.The War update finally explains a mystery that’s been going on for days – what’s going on with the unused sounds included in the last patch.The War update follows on from this comic posted early yesterday, depicting the Administrator unhappy with the friendship going on between the Blu Soldier and the Red Demoman. The result? A healthy competition.It’s a dual class update for the Soldier and the Demoman with everything being revealed over the course of the next week, be they weapons, maps, achievements, or “surprises”  – but with a twist. The game will be counting up how Demomen are killed by Soldiers, and vice versa. In the end, the class that kills the most of their opponents will receive an exclusive weapon.That’s right: either the Soldier class or the Demoman class will be getting an additional weapon, but not both. Soldiers and Demomen, get exploding.Check out the hub page to see how things are going, or have a look at the Soldier and Demoman individual pages for some morale-raising words. Stay tuned to IncGamers, as we’ll be updating you when things are announced.

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