Telltale Games Reveal Game Of Thrones At VGX

Telltale Games Reveal Game Of Thrones At Vgx

Telltale Games, best known for last years award winning The Walking Dead and this year’s The Wolf Among Us, have added even more to their growing plate with another large franchise undergoing the video game treatment.

A video game version of the massively popular Game of Thrones franchise was announced at Spike’s VGX this past weekend. Brilliant news for fans of the books and TV series as there has yet to be a worthy video games based on the world of Westeros for us to really sink our teeth in to.

Following the typical adventure style Telltale is now known for, fans can expect great storytelling with gripping action sequences and memorable moments. The VGX trailer below states the game is set for a 2014 release date. Expect more news as we hear of it in the coming months.

Also check out this video of Telltales Dan Connors and Kevin Bruner talking about their new partnership with Game Of Thrones and also state their game will be based on the TV show mores than the books it’s based on.

Currently it is unknown exactly which platforms Game Of Thrones will be released on but you can be sure it’ll be released as episodic content with a touch of Telltales unique style to set it apart from the books and TV series already well-known in the series.