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Look, here’s a title card and everything.

Update: Yep, even though Telltale revealed Tales From the Borderlands earlier in the VGX show, a (very) short teaser for Game of Thrones also played. It pretty much just showed the title card above. Still, this is happening. Original story follows …

So, expect a few more Game of Thrones details once the VGX gets properly underway in a few hours. It’s supposedly being based on the book rather than the show, which may be some sort of licensing fandangle or just an excuse to focus on some lesser characters (Update: this was incorrect info, HBO are involved so it’s based on the TV series.) By the sounds of things the team is only just beginning to think about the early aspects of the game, so it may be a while before we hear more.

Telltale is going to be pretty busy now, with this, The Wolf Among Us, Walking Dead Season Two and Tales From the Borderlands to be getting on with.

In addition to the Telltale project, Hello Games (Joe Danger) will be announcing something called No Man’s Sky. We can be pretty certain that Game of Thrones will be coming to the PC, but it’s not yet clear whether this Hello Games title will be. The Joe Danger titles did (eventually,) so that may be an indication that it will.

IncGamers will be able to share a few more details about each of those games once the VGX actually airs properly. Maybe even a screengrab. Excitement!

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