Teppen Adventures of a Tiny Hero preview

At the very end of May, the development team behind Teppen, GungHo, announced that the next set would be delayed. To help ease the blow of this news, we did get confirmation on what the new hero will be for the set: Felyne from Monster Hunter. Since the middle of June Teppen has been revealing new cards on its social media pages. But they have also been letting certain content creators, the hand-chosen “Gung Ho Ambassadors,” reveal new cards on their streams as well. We are going to take a look at some of the best cards revealed so far as we prepare for the next evolution of Teppen in the Adventures of a Tiny Hero set.

Teppen meta: How the Felyne set will shake things up

This new set focuses on tribal abilities. Every card in Teppen belongs to a tribe already, but this is the first set to focus on tribe-based abilities, which brings the set some strong Yu-Gi-Oh! vibes. Every color seems to be getting some love this set as well.

Starting off with Red, we have a card like Akantor, a monster tribe card with the ability: “When the card is still alive even after taking damage: 2 damage to all enemy units.” This card is going to be an absolute monster in Denjin Hadoken Ryu decks, which is already a strong archetype.

Teppen Adventures of a Tiny Hero preview Teppen meta: How the Felyne set will shake things up

Black also gets a new destruction card with the action card Predation. Predation is a 4-cost action that lets you destroy an opponent’s unit that costs 4 or less and also gives a random unit of your own +3 HP. Predation will definitely have a home in Akuma decks.

Teppen Adventures of a Tiny Hero preview

The color that everyone loves to hate, purple, is also getting a big new beatstick that Morrigan fans will be happy to see. Blossoms of Ice Velkhana is a monster tribe card with the ability: “When played: Halt all other units for 13 seconds. Attacking: Deal 5 damage to all units who are inflicted with Halt, Seal this unit, and get -2 Attack.” While the effect is a one-time use, any abilities that let players recur this card are going to be extremely powerful.

Another very strong purple card is Melynx with the beast/monster tribe. Melynx has the Agility keyword with the ability “After dealing damage to the enemy Hero: Steal 1 card from your opponent’s hand or EX Pocket and add it to your EX Pocket.” This means that if your EX Pocket is full, then the opponent’s card will instead just be discarded, and if you can give it combo, it will steal two cards instead! A very powerful Teppen card that will definitely see play, especially in hybrid decks.

Green hasn’t seen as many Adventures of a Tiny Hero previews as other colors, but it does still have some good ones. Errant Banana is a 3-cost green action card that says, “Give a friendly unit ‘After taking damage and surviving: Gain +1 MP.'” This card is going to be nuts (or bananas, if you will…) in an X deck with Charge Shot creating opportunities for huge MP gain.

As we can see already, the tribal abilities in the Felyne set will be great not just for these new cards, but for enhancing older decks and strategies as well. I have a very strong feeling that, with all these high-synergy purple cards, Shadow Blade Morrigan may be making a comeback in the meta. Teppen: Adventures of a Tiny Hero is set to release next week on July 1, barring any more delays. Tomorrow, June 25, there will be a special live stream event at 7:30 p.m. PST with a pre- and post-game show, including some more card reveals. That will be on Teppen’s Twitch channel.

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