February 4th, 2017

Funcom terminate Conan Exiles server partnership with PingPerfect

Funcom terminate Conan Exiles server partnership with PingPerfect

Conan Exiles has only been out a few days but a major problem with official servers has already surfaced.

According to Funcom there have been 7700 servers for the game launched of which 200 are official servers hosted by PingPerfect. Funcom says that demand for official servers has been so high that PingPerfect can not provide the “quality of service” they are looking for.

The statement reads:

Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming demand for servers and our needs for administrating them, our official partner has been unable to deliver the level of quality and service we require. Because of this we have mutually agreed to end the partnership. We are in the process of finding new partners with the ideal hardware we can move the existing game databases to. However, due to the high demand for Conan Exiles servers, many hosting companies are simply out of the hardware that we need and as such this process might take a few days.

In the meantime, we thank you for your patience and encourage you to play on any of the thousands of unofficial servers that are out there. Many are home to thriving and very welcoming communities. We sincerely apologize to everyone who has played and made progress on the official servers, but we think it is better to deal with this problem now rather than later.

As a result of this we have also had to remove the 25% Lifetime Discount offer from the Barbarian Edition. The provider assures us that those who have already purchased the Barbarian Edition will have their discount honored, but the discount will not be included in future purchases. The provider is currently out of stock, but hope to have new servers available soon. We know this is a problem with many other providers as well: the demand has simply been too overwhelming.

This is good news for Funcom if demand is that high but not great for players who chipped in for a server. Hopefully a new partner can step up and servers can be provided again soon, but until then, set your own up with the help of our dedicated server setup guide.

Conan Exiles entered Early Access on 31 January.

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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • https://pacienciaspider.eco.br/ Marta Flores

      Wow, very interesting and promising this game, but I did not understand much about the “end game”, what would it be?

      • Novum_Lumen

        There are no end game, as there are no end game in life 😉
        This is a pure sandbox environment game, which means the players can do what they want (within the laws of the game engine, which would be the same as laws of physics for us ).

        You build settlements, towns, castles, trade routes, crafting, whatever you want.

        If i were to guess an end game, it is that funcom does not update the game with new crafting recipies or remove bugs or new features. And end game would be boredom.

        • towblerone

          “There are no end game, as there are no end game in life”

          PCInvasion comments section getting Gandalf-levels of wisdom dropped on us.

          • Daves!

            Well I’m glad I’m seeing comments in PCinvasion even if it’s from Gandalf