Indie Studio Re-Logic has recently announced that their hit PC game, Terraria will be coming to consoles. On their official forums, Re-Logic states that the game will be released on XBLA and PSN and will include new content. This announcement, combined with Re-Logic’s past announcement that they would not be releasing any new content for Terraria on the PC, has sent many fans into a frenzy. Many are claiming that Andrew “Rediget” Spinks, the founder of Re-Logic and Terraria, has been dishonest about his promises about the PC game and some insist that the new content made for consoles should be released on PC as well.

Granted, the console version is being handled by two different companies: Engine Software for development and 505 Games as the publisher. Still, there is a definite frustration from the game’s fans that is overshadowing this typically celebrated announcement.

As of right now, there are no further announcements from Re-Logic addressing these concerns but we’ll keep you updated.





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