Test Drive Unlimited 2 – Launch Trailer

Eden Games’ Test Drive Unlimited 2 is out now in the US and coming soon to the EU, and the developer has released a launch trailer to celebrate.
To get the full lowdown on the title, I’d recommend reading John Robertson’s preview here at IncGamers. There, you’ll find that the game is not just about racing, but also lets you “buy properties, get your hair cut, obtain Gran Turismo style driving licenses, visit clothing stores, get chased by police, help the police, cruise around with your friends, take photos of your favourite vistas and play your part in a storyline that (from what we’ve seen so far) plays out like a bizarre soap opera populated by a wide range of petrol heads.”
Certainly sounds a bit different to your average motorised genre piece. See some of those activities in the trailer, below.
Test Drive Unlimited 2 was released yesterday in the US and is due on 11 February in the EU, on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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