The 5 best melee weapons in Armored Core 6

X best melee weapons in Armored Core 6

Melee weapons in gun games are always an interesting choice. They require you to have the skill to navigate close enough to your enemy to deliver the damage. However, due to the up close and personal nature of the attack, the payoff is usually worth it. Armored Core 6 is no different in this respect, and they have included some of the best melee weapons I have seen in a game for a while. Here is a list of my five favorites in ascending order.

5 best melee weapons in Armored Core 6

Armored Core 6 splits its best melee weapons into a few categories: Energy weapons, Kinetic weapons, and Hybrids. Each has its own benefits and fits different playstyles.

#5 VE-67LLA Laser Lance

X best melee weapons in Armored Core 6

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The Laser Lance compensates where a lot of the other melee weapons fall down. many of my other favorites in this list have the problem of being, well, a little short distance. You would think the problem goes with the territory. However, the Laser Lance comes in at a solid number five on my best melee weapons list in Armored Core 6 simply due to its ability to cover so much ground so fast.

The thing that really holds this melee weapon back is its weight. If you’re playing a lightweight build, you’re going to struggle to hold this monster. The damage, impact, and direct hit are all nice and high, but you’re going to feel it on your mech.

#4 Vvc-770LB Laser Blade

X best melee weapons in Armored Core 6

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As a personal favorite from the early game comes the Laser Blade melee weapon in Armored Core 6. I know it won’t make most people’s lists, but for my early game, it was essential. The huge arcing wave of energy is forgiving for my early or off-center attacks, and it will still deliver devastating damage. It is lightweight and will fit most mech builds without any problems making it a versatile choice.

However, despite its huge impact and damage, there is almost no chance for a combo afterward. It’s a one-and-done type deal. Just make sure your one is enough to make them done with this melee weapon.

#3 Pile PB-033M ASHMEAD Pile Buker

X best melee weapons in Armored Core 6

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Pile Bunker is my second favorite use for my left arm, after typing top 5 guides. I know it has its drawbacks as the best melee weapon in Armored Core 6, hence its middling position, but it is so damn good. It is incredibly short-range, and you’re only getting one shot with it. But, if that shot connects, and you have it charged up, nothing feels better.

You may have seen the Pile Bunker used in some crazy builds on YouTube, with people one-tapping Ibis with it in their builds. There is good reason for this. What makes it one of the best melee weapons in Armored Core 6 is its 1688 attack power, 1150 impact, and mech-destroying 4630 charged attack power, and 1800 charged impact. If you land that one hit, you’re bringing home the COAM.

#2 IA-C01W2: Moonlight

Armored Core 6 Moonlight Sword

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The Moonlight will be on almost every best melee weapons list for Armored Core 6. It is a late-game weapon found in one of the final missions on your final playthrough of the game. FromSoftware seems to enjoy having a Moonlight weapon hidden in their games. Fans of Elden Ring will also, perhaps, remember the destruction of the Moonlight Blade melee weapon.

What really makes the Moonlight stand out as one of the best melee weapons in Armored Core 6 is its huge range. Although it is supposed to be a close-range weapon, it can fire the slashes it creates all the way across an arena. Even without the charged attack, the Moonlight has a two-slash combo that can hit far-off enemies. The charged attack delivers a huge arcing slash that is almost impossible to dodge.

#1 Coral Oscillator WLT-101

X best melee weapons in Armored Core 6

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I was tempted to knock this one down a few pegs on the best Armored Core 6 melee weapons list simply due to the fact that is an actual nightmare to get your hands on. You have to complete the entire LOGHUNT book, which requires you to not only have completed the game THREE TIMES, or New Game++, to use the official term, but also find every Battle Log along the way. However, the payoff is worth it.

The WLT-101 is a coral weapon that melts everything in its path. The damage is colossal, and the charged attacks sweep a full 180, able to destroy all but the heaviest mechs in one. The main attack has a huge range, with a long blade and significant dash. The charged attack sweeps across the screen with an obscene 288-meter range. You can just sit back and unload with this weapon, there is no need to get up close and personal.


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