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Virtual Reality is attempting a comeback on PC with the release of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets, but it’s taken a while for decent games to appear. After sifting through many, many VR game releases, and suffering weird side effects from some of the games we’ve tried, the titles below are PC Invasion’s choices for Best VR Games on the PC.

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As more VR titles are released, we’ll be adding the best ones to this list. It will be updated regularly.

Updated 13 March 2018

PC Invasion’s Best VR games you need to play…

Battlezone VR


Rebellion has taken the classic Battlezone franchise and brought it to VR on the PC. This tank action shooter challenges players to make their way across procedurally generated maps in either single player or co-op multiplayer. The game has rogue-like features where players have to upgrade their tanks and collect ammo and currency to help them stay alive. Extra lives need to be purchased to stay in the fight.

This is solid arcade shooter that shines in co-op multiplayer. Read the review.

House of the Dying Sun


Mike Tipul’s studio Marauder Interactive created one of the finest space combat titles for VR. The game was previously called Enemy Starfighter, but was renamed to House of the Dying Sun prior to release to fit more with the game’s story. This is a really solid space shooter that works fantastically well in VR; the visual are clear and it’s highly immersive. Fans of classics such as X-Wing vs Tie Fighter really need to check this out.

Sprint Vector


Survios follow-up on the success of Raw Data with something completely different, a competitive running racing game. In Sprint Vector players have to use their arms as the means of locomotion to propell themselves through multiple levels against human opponents or AI. Be prepared for a bit of a workout (see review).

Boxed In


Imagine playing something like Tetris where you are placed right in the heart of the action. This is Boxed In. This low-priced and simple game is highly addictive as players have to remove blocks from a room as they advance towards you. Players can change the colours of blocks to create chains of blocks of the same colour to remove them from the play area. It’s not easy! (see review).

Elite Dangerous


Elite Dangerous

Frontier’s Elite Dangerous was one of the first space sims to embrace modern VR and it’s been an option in the game for some time now. The game supports both the Rift and HTC Vive. While the game looked OK on the Oculus DK2, when the Vive released support for HTC’s headset was added too. Although not outstanding on the Vive, the game is worth your time of you have VR ready to go. Elite Dangerous is constantly evolving and if you can invest the time it’s worth exploring the outer reaches of space.


EVE: Valkyrie


CCP really embraced VR development and spent a long time working on EVE: Valkyrie. It was one of the outstanding titles on the Oculus DK2 and was often used as a showcase for VR. Now with Vive and Oculus support, this is a game that takes you online to battle others in space dogfights. CCP continue to add new game modes and it’s worth looking at if you can afford it. It’s a little pricey.


Raw Data


Survios’ Raw Data is one of the truly decent shooters for VR. Players have to take on the nasty Eden Corp and battle robots with both guns and swords.

Although this could be considered to be a simple wave shooter, it distinguishes itself with great freedom of movement through a teleport system that feels highly intuitive. It can get quite mental when the robots start to swarm, and there’s multiplayer too which is a big bonus.


Star Trek Bridge Crew


Ubisoft invites gamers aboard a Federation starship to work as a team playing as captain, helmsman, tactical or engineering officers. Designed for co-op play, Bridge Crew is a brilliant VR title which can also be played in single player. This is a VR game everyone should own.


Eurotruck Simulator 2 / American Truck Simulator


SCS’ Eurotruck series is hugely popular, and, although it may sound like an odd choice for a VR game, it’s surprisingly fun. Coming to a road junction and looking out of your cab for oncoming traffic feels extremely natural. It just works incredibly well in VR; SCS has put a lot of thought into smooth functionality.

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