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Fire Emblem Engage makes dozens of units available as players advance through its lengthy campaign. There are enough options that it’s difficult to keep everyone in fighting shape. Players must make choices about how they spend their time in order to keep everyone ready for action. This is our guide to the best ways to level up fast in Fire Emblem Engage.

The best ways to level up fast in Fire Emblem Engage

Levels tend to go up quickly when a character is powerful enough to face and destroy several enemies on a particular map. However, this approach leads to an army containing a few really strong characters and many weak ones. You need a more balanced approach that spreads the wealth.

The best way to level up fast in Fire Emblem Engage is to ensure your weaker units finish off weakened foes. It helps if you have a group of fighters near an adversary. First, have your strong characters weaken the foe. Then let your weaker character finish the job by landing the last hit.

Fire Emblem Engage Silver Corrupted Map

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On maps populated by Silver Corrupted enemies, those foes yield significantly more experience. Enemies in skirmish maps level up as you progress through the campaign, however. A truly weak character you have neglected for too long may be unable to deal damage to a strong foe.

Your weakest characters should instead head to the Arena area in The Somniel. After each battle initiated on the world map, you can complete three head-to-head battles in the Arena at no cost. Whether they win or lose, the participating characters gain experience. They may even gain a level.

Fire Emblem Engage Byleth Mentorship Ability

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Assist your weakest characters by equipping them with the right Emblem and weapons. A weapon that has been enhanced and engraved may allow even a weak character to inflict damage again. When a character bonds with Micaiah, they can use the Great Sacrifice attack. It heals all units across the battlefield, which generates a lot of experience. At bond level 10, a character using Marth’s powerful Mercurius sword gains double the experience. Byleth teaches a Mentorship ability that increases experience for a unit by 20%. It also affects adjacent units.

Some character classes also lend themselves to quick advancement. Characters using staffs can heal their allies to receive substantial experience after each heal. A dancer can dance every turn to quickly gain some experience. That also allows another unit to make a second move.

Note: For more, check out our Fire Emblem Engage guides and features hub.

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