September 5th, 2017

The Crow’s Eye teaser gets spooky with missing students

The Crow’s Eye teaser gets spooky with missing students

crows eye banner

An eerie new teaser trailer has been released for upcoming survival horror title The Crow’s Eye.

The Crow’s Eye has you exploring the prestigious Crowswood University and investigating what exactly happened to the students who went missing there. Naturally, you’ll unveil all sorts of horrors; apparently, Crowswood isn’t the nicest or safest of places, despite the amazing results it apparently manages to achieve.

In order to survive you’ll have to find recipes and craft items, which you’ll use – along with stealth – to distract and elude the strange forces hunting you down. You’ll have to solve puzzles and discover the secrets behind a lot of the mysteries of Crowswood, although if the press release is anything to go by, a lot of those mysteries will be optional and you’ll be able to proceed with your investigation in a number of different ways. Or that might be PR guff. It’s hard to say.

You can view the teaser trailer, titled “It’s Fear That Gives Men Wings”, below.

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