The Division Is Getting New Gear Sets With A New Patch

We have already reported a few things regarding the much anticipated 1.1 patch for Ubisoft’s The Division and now you can have a quick look at a list which includes every information regarding new gear and skills.

New gear set bonuses will be introduced this week with The Division’s upcoming patch and you can find below the picture and the full list with the description about these new additions. You can also have a look at our previous post about the 1.1 patch here.


Tactician’s Authority:
Set bonus (2): +4,000 Skill Power
Set bonus (3): +20% Skill Haste
Set bonus (4): Talent, Tactician’s Authority
Every 60k damage your group deal’s adds 1% skill power to you for a max of 100% bonus. Bonus is reduced by 1% every second the group isn’t dealing damage

Sentry’s Call
Set bonus (2): +30% Headshot Damage
Set bonus (3): +20% Damage to Elites
Set bonus (4): Talent, Stalker
Headshots mark the enemy, increasing the damage inflicted on the target by 15% for a duration of 10 seconds each. A target can receive up to three marks.

Striker’s Battlegear:
Set bonus (2): +20% Enemy Armor Damage
Set bonus (3): +100% Critical Hit Damage
Set bonus (4): Talent, Shooter
Every consecutive hit deals 1% more dmaage. Stacks up to 100%. Missing shots drop bonus by 2%. Bonus is reduced by 1% every second.

Path of the Nomad:
Set bonus (2): +50% Scavenging
Set bonus (3): +20% Health on Kill
Set bonus (4): Talent, Nomad
When receiving fatal damage, you are instead healed to hull health. Can occur once every 10 minutes

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