The Escapists is yours for free on the Epic Games Store today

The Escapists Free Epic Games Store

Following on the heels of Jotun: Valhalla Edition comes the next free offering from the Epic Games Store: The Escapists. For those who don’t know, The Escapists is a clever, little prison escaping game from 2015. It provides dozens of hours of you trying to break free while stocking weapons in vents and building weapons out of socks and combs. And you can now have it without trading in a single pack of cigarettes.

The game goes free on the Epic Games Store starting today. To grab it for your nightstand collection (next to that duct tape and dental floss), head to its page on the store. Next, just click the big, green GET button and go through the usual purchasing motions.

I spent a long time playing The Escapists, to some success I might add. Finding your way to freedom certainly takes a knack for planning and strategy. After landing yourself in one of its many prisons, you have to take in your surroundings before planning an escape. Guards and troublesome inmates wander the halls, living at the beck and call of the schedule. You work jobs, make trades under the table, and follow the orders of authority, all the while plotting your eventual exit.

I can break these cuffs

The enjoyment of The Escapists lies with all the scheming. You can trade or steal a screwdriver to open up a ceiling vent to hide your stash of contraband. With your items, you can craft a number of useful tools ranging from plastic cell keys to shivs. You can dress up as a guard to try and walk out of the front door, or take the classic approach and dig your way out. The Escapists includes multiple prisons with their own unique challenges. It’s up to you to find out how to crack them open.

Epic is taking a different approach with free games this week. Typically, we’d know what games will be free the following Thursday. However, this time Epic is staying mum on the subject; we don’t know what we’re getting next, if anything at all.

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