A new PC patch for The Evil Within 2 has been released today, with some platform-specific fixes and several general updates. Many of the PC changes are to do with key binding bugs, such as “Sadist battle” now correctly using the reassigned key instead of E by default.

Looks like the Life Gauge will show up as it should when using the sniper rifle, too. They’ve also addressed a crash that could happen when running The Evil Within 2 on an Intel Q6600 CPU.

Here are the changes in 1.03, both for the PC and in general.

– Life gauge is now fully visible in all resolutions when aiming Sniper Rifle
– Corrected tutorials for Predator and Ambush skills to show correct key if Action key has been reassigned
– Num Lock key can now be used to bind to an action
– Sebastian can now correctly use upgrade chair if Q key has been reassigned
– Fixed control issue that could prevent Sebastian from standing up from the slide projector if Q key had been reassigned
– Sadist battle now displays and uses player’s reassigned action key instead of default setting of E
– Reversed direction of movement through weapon options with mouse wheel to feel more intuitive
– Fix a crash that could occur when using Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHz
– Fixed a crash that could occur when quitting the game while using an AMD Phenom II X4 945
– Fixed performance drop when using “Display Based” or “Display Based (Half)” VSync setting with a 144Hz monitor

– Fixed issue where Sebastian could warp to a new location after pickup up certain items, or executing a melee attack
– Fixed issue that could cause Sebastian to fall through floor after executing a stomp attack at the entrance to an airduct
– Fixed issue where certain enemies become invulnerable after an Anima event ends
– Sebastian can now break free and fight back if attacked while solving an Oscilloscope puzzle
– Fixed issue where Sebastian could get locked behind gate in Theodore’s stronghold if attacked while opening it
– Fixed issue where the Guardian or Watcher could freeze in place after executing Instant Kill attacks
– The double-barreled shotgun can no longer be equipped in the gasmask sequence
– Brass Knuckles can now be used to execute Sneak Kills on staggered enemies who are facing you
– Can now use Ambush skill with Brass Knuckles equipped
– Corrected issue that could skip Autosave before Harbinger battle
– Corrected issue that could cause Sebastian’s health to deplete at start of Harbinger battle
– Increased duration of burning effect of EX Harpoon Bolts on Effigy enemy
– Fixed issue that could cause Sykes mission failure when fighting at the edge of the area
– If you get Slide 11 but don’t view it on the projector in the same playthrough, you are now able to level up skills in New Game+
– Fixed some AI issues with Obscura, Stefano and Harbinger enemies
– All environmental objects work correctly in Harbinger boss fight
– Fixed issue that could cause Effigy enemy to remain stationary
– Fixed issue that could cause Sebastian to get stuck after opening a garage door in the residential area
– Fixed issue where player could become unable to move after Sneak Killing an enemy as an Anima event starts
– Fixed issue where Laura could disappear when player rotates valve in boss fight
– Corrected number of locker keys awarded in the shooting range Gallery Mode after lowering difficulty from Classic
– Fixed issue that could prevent events from progressing correctly after picking up “Woman’s Journal”
– Multiple-choice conversations now continue correctly after using ESC key to pause/unpause during conversation
– Fixed UI to correctly indicate that medical items cannot be used when in cover
– Fixed UI issues that could leave UI elements on screen after completing interaction with item or device
– Fixed several sound and graphic issues related to cut scenes and communicator in certain languages
– Gamma setting is now always properly restored to what it was before launching the game
– Fixed crash that could occur when skipping the movie after the Stefano fight
– Fixed crash that could occur after the movie where Myra shows up in Sebastian’s old house
– Various graphic/sound/text fixes and improvements

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