September 5th, 2017

The Expendabros mixes Broforce and The Expendables, free


Haven’t played Broforce yet? Then give The Expendabros a try, because it’s basically a short Broforce for free – with The Expendables licensing.

The Expendabros is basically a crossover between The Expendables and Broforce, and has you shooting your way through a frankly ludicrous number of enemies in Eastern Europe. Seven Expendabros are available for play, with everyone from Broney Ross and Lee Broxmas to Toll Broad. Each of them have their own weapons and special attacks, and dying as one simply means you’ll be coming back as another – assuming you’ve managed to save someone else, of course.

It’s a side-on shooter in which almost everything can be destroyed. The ground? Yes. Buildings? Yes. Walls? Yes. Can you blow out walls and have buildings drop on top of people? Yes. Can those buildings drop on you? Yes. Different characters have different attacks – Broney Ross is all about dual-wielding guns and hurling multiple grenades, while Bronar Jensen relies on a grenade launcher and a special attack that sees him controlling an explosive RC car. It’s really rather good fun, and I highly suggest you give it a look.

If you like it, then maybe have a look at Broforce – currently in Early Access, it’s much the same only with far more characters from far more movies, offering parodies of everything from Rambo to Robocop and Judge Dredd to Blade. Except obviously they’re called things like Rambro and Brobocop.

The Expendabros is completely free until 31 December and it’s really good fun, so go and give it a whirl.

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