The Fan Legacy Metal Gear Solid is one of the more interesting fan made projects in the last years and now you can check it out yourself with the official demo. Previously known as Shadow Moses, the game is being developed using the Unreal Engine 4 and the demo is now available for Windows x64 users and some of them will need to download UE4 Prerequisites before running the game. Windows 10 users will automatically be asked if they wish to download the Prerequisites.

    You can also read the message from the development team below:

    Hi guys!
    Here you have a little present. (Sorry for the waiting btw).
    With this short demo, you will be able to have a closer idea of our objective with the project.
    Inspired by the ‘Cargo Dock’ from MGS1 (1998).
    To run the application, execute ‘thefanlegacydemo.exe’
    IMPORTANT: Only for Windows X64 systems. (We’ll work on other versions, don’t worry)

    You can get the demo for Fan Legacy Metal Gear Solid here and let’s hope that the recent awakening of the fan project will bring a lot of joy to PC gamers across the world. It’s also worth mentioning that David Hayter is on-board too!

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