The First Descendant gets a trailer and an October beta date

The First Descendant 2 trailer beta

Publisher Nexon has revealed the full trailer for its upcoming third-person shooter The First Descendant today, just ahead of Gamescom 2022. The First Descendant will be showcased at Gamescom Online, and will be playable with a Steam beta coming in October.

The First Descendant will be among the first games to take advantage of Unreal Engine 5 from the ground up. And wow, does it look it. This game is gorgeous. The lighting, characters, and environments ooze beauty. If this is a taste of things to come, players are in for a visual treat.


Gameplay so far

The First Descendant is a four-player co-op shooter RPG that focuses on a cast of characters — each of whom with their own unique play style and abilities. According to Nexon’s pre-Gamescom announcement, there will be 10 characters playable during a closed beta starting on October 20 and lasting until October 26.

The action is fast-paced, with a focus on high-speed movement. It will be interesting to see how these abilities will play off of each other. In a frantic session against one of the huge boss monsters the game has to offer, things could get messy.

The First Descendant seems to offer a fair bit of loadout diversity. You’ll be able to equip three weapons as well as four pieces of secondary equipment. Given how much players have spent tooling with their builds in games like Destiny, I imagine we will be treated to a similarly customizable experience.

According to Nexon, players will be able to combine various pieces to enhance their stats (set bonuses?), and some items will even add new abilities to your character. Items are gained either through completing missions or by exploring the world.

Looking forward

Final judgment will need to be reserved until we can get our hands on the game. However, The First Descendant looks like a promising looter shooter with some interesting twists on the genre. This is certainly a nice way to kick off Gamescom.

Check out the trailer for The First Descendant below, and if it’s interesting, then you can get more info on the beta over at its Steam page.

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