The Long Dark Episode Three lands in October for free

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To celebrate the five-year anniversary of The Long Dark‘s launch, developer Hinterland announced the next chapter of the game’s story. The Long Dark Episode Three: Crossroads Elegy will be available via Steam next month. Like the other chapters, it will come to game owners at no additional cost.

The survival adventure game has had quite the ride so far. The Long Dark has been wildly popular since it launched in August 2017. Hinterland shared some of the details along with the Episode Three announcement. To date, The Long Dark has sold 3.3 million copies across 190 countries. The average play time for the game is 15-40 hours, however that doesn’t speak for much, as survivor mortality stands at 100%. Hey, what can we say? Those wolves are mean, and it gets damn cold in those woods.

Lost again, naturally

In the first episode, Do Not Go Gentle, put you in the role of Will Mackenzie, who fights to survive in a frozen wilderness after a plane crash. He searches for the missing Dr. Astrid Greenwood, the plane’s other passenger, as he attempts to keep warm, find food, and dodge hungry wolves. In the second episode, Luminance Fugue, Mackenzie finds himself even deeper in the woods, but soon comes across a trapper who may know of Greenwood’s location.

The third episode, however, you play as Greenwood. Fighting the cold in Pleasant Valley, Greenwood runs across a group of survivors. She uses her talents as a doctor to help people, but at the same time must also continue her search for Mackenzie. It’s a tough situation, naturally. Both survivors are facing struggles, all the while trying to get back to one another. Whether or not they find each other in the episode’s conclusion is uncertain.

The Long Dark Episode Three: Crossroads Elegy will be available via Steam on October 22.

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