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Remnant 2 presents a lot of different challenges to its players in the form of tough enemies and bosses who will do their very best to make you quit out of frustration. One of these is known as The One True King, and he’s a real threat to players who aren’t fully prepared.

Unfortunately, you can only take on The One True King if you’ve got The Awakened King DLC unlocked. Once you’ve done that, keep reading to learn how you can take this fiend down!

How to beat The One True King in Remnant 2

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As you can see quite clearly in the image above, The One True King is a fearsome foe for sure. He’s super tall, can teleport to make up for his lack of speed, and is able to summon a Dran Horde during the battle, which makes him invulnerable for a time. Here are all of his attacks and how you can counter them in the game.

1-2 Hammer Combo: The One True King will smash the ground with his massive hammer, but will be stuck upon the second attack. Take advantage of that opening and aim for his mouth, which is his weak spot.

Hammer Slam: A general attack that deals AoE damage in a small area. You can dodge this pretty easily by simply avoiding the AoE area.

Fae Beam: Exactly like it sounds, The One True King lets a red laser shoot out of his mouth – this is a ranged attack and has the potential to hit hard if you don’t dodge quickly. At the moment there isn’t much counterplay for this attack since going for his mouth is unwise – there’s a giant laser coming out of it!

Shockwave Stomp: This is an attack that’s very similar to his Hammer Combo, but he may do it either once or twice in a row. Dodge this attack and try to hit him in the mouth whenever there’s an opening.

Dran Horde: The dreaded Dran Horde attack that I talked about earlier, the only way to defeat this attack is to try and kill all of the Dran that he spawns. Any Dran that you don’t defeat before the attack ends will be absorbed by The One True King, causing him to regain a bit of health.

Fae Pillars: Dodge. Dodge immediately. The One True King raises his hammer, and this is a signal that you need to run, because he’s about to spawn Fae Pillars all around himself in an area. Just try to keep out of the way until this attack is finished.

Double Hammer Slam: When he performs this move, try to be as far away from him as you can. Waves of Fae energy will be sent out on the second strike, and your only warning will be the smaller first strike. However, since the first hammer slam is noticeably smaller in terms of its area than the second, you can try to get some hits in before he goes for a second swing.

Vortex Slam: Your warning for this move is The One True King kneeling. He’s not about to pledge fealty to you though – don’t get too confident! He’ll pull you in towards him if you’re too close, as he charges up a hammer slam. Then he’ll smash his hammer on the ground and leave behind a burning residue that will last for a little while. He is vulnerable while kneeling, but he can also pull you in if you’re too close. Keep your distance here!

What does The One True King drop?

If you’ve managed to obtain Nimue’s Vow, he will drop the Quest Item ‘Nimue’s Blood-Marred Vow’. If you didn’t select the correct options within The Awakened King DLC, don’t worry, because there are plenty of other rewards awaiting you. Here is what you can potentially get upon defeating him:

  • x1 Agony Spike, which is needed to make the Monarch weapon.
  • x5 Lumenite Crystal
  • x750 Scrap
  • x1 Tome of Knowledge
  • x1 Tormentor’s Pommel, which is used to make the Wrathbringer weapon. You’ll need to kill The One True King after obliterating his mace though, so it can be more difficult – especially because his mace regenerates over time.
  • x1 Burden of the Departed, which can only be obtained by killing The One True King while you are wearing the Burden of the Divine ring.

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