The Quarry Death Rewind Mechanic

Finishing The Quarry doesn’t have to be the end. According to a new interview by SegmentNext, spotted by GamesRadar, The Quarry will have a “death rewind mechanic,” which you’ll earn following the game’s completion. It’ll allow you to quickly return to a state before making a choice that led a character to their doom.

It’s a feature not found in other games by its developer, Supermassive. According to Game Director Will Byles, the feature offers you three “lives” during the course of your run. If, by chance, you make a choice you don’t like in The Quarry, you can quickly use the death rewind to go back to the moment before the decision.


“You’re essentially granted three ‘lives’ that enable you to avoid a character death at the cost of using one of the lives,” Byles said in the interview. “You’ll be taken back to the moment you made a critical choice that results in the character’s death so that you can make a different choice.”

The Quarry Death Rewind Mechanic 2

Choices and consequences

The Quarry is the next horror-themed narrative game by Supermassive Games, which brought us Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures Anthology. It’ll follow along a similar structure: you act as the ‘director’ in a way, choosing which path to take as well as picking conversation options.

The goal, of course, is to keep your NPCs alive until the end. This isn’t always possible, as death comes swift with each bad choice, ultimately guiding you to one of many endings. The game boasts 186 ending variants, which means plenty of chances to get one of many good or bad endings. However, with so many variations, the death rewind mechanic could make a fresh run in The Quarry more worthwhile. It will likely also let you discover more of its endings, for you 100% completion types.

Death rewind unlocks in two ways. The first is to finish the game, as mentioned. However, Byles said that those who purchase the Deluxe Edition will get it right away. So, yes, you’ll soon be able to pay for potentially better endings. The game should take most players around 10 hours to finish, Byles said.

The Quarry will launch for PC on June 10.

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