April 6th, 2017

The Secret World monster and location udpate

This week’s update for Funcom’s MMO The Secret World shows some of the nasty creatures you’ll encounter and a new location.
In a game where anything is supposed to be able to happen, you can image there are going to be some pretty nasty beasties to deal with. In the latest update from the Funcom team they reveal three new monsters, the Wendigo, the Deep Ones and The Ak’Ab. 
The Wendigo – The vile Wendigo of North America are said to be the vestiges of humans who turned to cannibalism. For their spite of humanity, they were outcast not just by their fellow man, but by life and the Earth herself.

Deep Ones – The Deep Ones are rarely seen by the light of day, even more rarely at the water’s edge. The sea has kept its carnivorous secret, other than what is recalled in fisherman’s tales or turn-of-the-century fictions.
The Ak’ab – They came to this island from the mysterious south, from the nightmare countries, on ships bearing the mark of the hideous sun. Sorcerers and necromancers commanded them, sent them forth onto these shores with bloody intent.
Continuing their updates, Funcom also reveal another location from the coastal town of Kingsmouth, the Kingsmouth Lighthouse situated on the pictueresque New England coast.

There’s still not release date for the game but of all the MMOs coming out, modern setting is a breath of fresh air and it’s one we’re looking forward to checking out.

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