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Now to find room for my sex dungeo … uh, ‘basement.’

The latest in Maxis’ series of trailers showing features from The Sims 4 is demonstrating their ‘Build Mode’ tools for houses. A couple of weeks back they showed off the Create-a-Sim tool, described at the time by our own Tim McDonald as “absurdly powerful,” and these house construction methods look pretty substantial too.

Like the Sims 4 Create-a-Sim feature, there’s a lot of click-and-drag on show in Build Mode. Need to change the shape of your roof? Click and drag. Widening your prospective dining room? Click and drag. Placing some new windows? Click and … actually, that one is just a click.

It all looks fairly intuitive, and quite flexible in terms of what sorts of absurd mortgage burden McMansions (or super trendy apartments) you end up building for your most beloved of Sim pals. Obviously you won’t be able to slap together an amazing house quite as rapidly as the trailer demonstrates, but the potential is there for people to get as precise as they want with decorations, flowerbeds and the like.

If you want to just throw up some basic four-wall living space, that seems like it’ll be very quick indeed.

Have a look at the Build Mode trailer to see for yourself, below. As far as we know The Sims 4 is still due later this year.

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the sims 4 (1)

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