The War Z

It’s one you’ve all been waiting for, I’m sure. Yes, The War Z has made its triumphant return to Steam, after being pulled from the service back in December 2012 on the grounds that the description page for the game was full of big fat lies. Or, to put in Valve’s terms: “From time to time a mistake can be made.”

In conjunction with removing the game, Valve offered full refunds to any unhappy buyers.

So now it’s back, and the description page has indeed been altered to reflect something closer to reality. There’s no more mention of maps other than Colorado (since they don’t exist,) no reference to the size of the world (hugely exaggerated last time) and all the stuff about earning experience points and levelling up has gone too (because, you guessed it, you can’t actually do that in the game yet.)

For the most part, The War Z now seems relatively up front about what features it actually contains. There’s absolutely no reference to it still being an unfinished game, and the screenshots used to advertise it (like the one above) still show events that can never actually happen, but hey. It’s a start, right?

At least the metacritic score of 23/100 is now there to warn off prospective buyers.

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