Unsurprisingly, it was Grand Theft Auto V that garnered the most attention this week. As soon as the trailer hit on Tuesday, the internet was awash with detailed breakdowns and predictions based on the limited content shown in less than two minutes of video. You’ll find a link to our thoughts on such things below, along with the trailer itself.
    It was never going to be possible to match last week’s Uncharted 3 and Battlefield 3 reviews in terms of hype and expectation. Still, we managed to provide the critical touch with write ups for PixelJUnk SideScroller, Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken and CitiesXL 2012.
    There are a bunch more featured articles to browse below, but we suggest you check out our picks for the best games to play while drunk… everyone likes to let their haird down once in a while.
    Key Articles

    The Darkness 2 is strikingly individual [Preview]
    Home Improvement: CitiesXL 2012 [Review]
    Old-skool genre, new-skool style; PixelJunk SideScroller [Review]
    Marcus Fenix with Wings: Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken [Review]
    Grappling with Guacamelee [Interview]
    The Making of Uncharted 3 – Part 2 [Interview]
    Ten of the Best Multiplayer Games for Drunks [Feature]
    GTA V trailer [Video]
    What does GTA V’s ‘bold new direction’ mean? [Opinion]

    Believe it or not, there were other newsworthy stories that didn’t feature GTA V in some way. Our regular roundups of the week’s new releases as well as Xbox Live and PS Store content is joined by a grindhouse trailer for Lollipop Chainsaw, a possibility of Dead Island 2 and some rather large chests in The Darkness 2.
     Oh, and some Aussie guy wants to ban all GTA games. Some things never change. 

    Today on Xbox Live (02/11/11)
    Today on the EU PlayStation Store (02/11/11)
    This week’s releases (04/11/11)
    Game reviewers don’t want innovation, says Ubisoft
    Death and pigtails in Lollipop Chainsaw Halloween blowout
    In The Darkness 2, guns are big but boobs are bigger
    Battlefield 3 week one sales are better than all other Battlefield’s combined
    Battlefield 3 tops UK chart
    Dead Island 2 to be called Dead World
    RedLynx acquired by Ubisoft
    PC an insecure platform, says Call of Duty ‘Elite’ dev
    Australian politician: Ban all GTAs


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