Endless Legend - Battle Deployment 2

A hex on you!

Amplitude Studios, know for their Endless Space title and lovely interfaces, has announced a fantasy-based 4x follow-up by the name of Endless Legend. Iceberg Interactive will be on-board again to handle publishing duties (except on Steam, which Amplitude will apparently handle themselves.)

But enough boring publishing information, what’s this Endless Legend going to be like? Well, allow me to copy and paste a feature run-down.

Explore legendary lands with one of the eight civilizations available both in single and multiplayer, as you adventure through seasons, striving to discover the secrets of Auriga.
Expand beyond the unknown and send your heroes in every corner of the world to find mysterious artifacts to equip your troops, and assimilate powerful minor factions which will help you overwhelm your opponents.
Exploit every opportunity by researching new technologies and magical powers while collecting Dust, luxuries and strategic resources tradable on the marketplace.
Exterminate fools who defy you with a genuine combat system where terrain and your unit abilities are key to take the advantage over the enemy armies.

As you’d expect from a 4x, really. The key thing here I’d imagine is the combat system, which sounds a fair bit more in-depth than Endless Space’s (though after a few add-ons it may be different from when I played it.)

“With respect towards great games released before us, we intend to set a new benchmark in creating a rich, immersive, thrilling, and accessible 4X strategy game in a new fantasy setting,” says Amplitude’s Mathieu Girard, echoing the words of so many before him.

There’s not a huge amount more to share right now (no civilisation details or anything,) but this scattering of screenshots should give you an idea of how things will look.

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