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Thermaltake shows off the Pacific R2 Ultra LCD for DRAM memory

Thermaltake Pacific R2 Ultra
At CES 2022, Thermaltake showed off the Pacific R2 Ultra LCD memory kit that clips on top of your memory modules to help monitor PC performance. The LCD connects to the Thermaltake TT RGB Plus software in order to display your PC’s stats or custom images of your choice. While the LCD was initially teased a few months ago, Thermaltake has now given us a better look at the device as it prepares for the product launch.
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The main feature of the Pacific R2 Ultra LCD is its ability to display the frequency, temperature, and load status of different PC components via the TT RGB Plus software. The 3.9-inch LCD screen can provide information on the CPU, GPU, or RAM based on your configuration. The LCD can also be used to display custom images and GIFs that you have uploaded at a 128 x 480 resolution.


Easy flare and monitoring

The Pacific R2 Ultra LCD’s simple design makes for an easy installation process. To install the Pacific R2 Ultra, all you need to do is attach it on top of your memory module and connect it to your motherboard using the included micro-USB to USB cable. The LCD screen also supports practically any memory as long as its height doesn’t exceed 48mm.

One thing to note when considering adding the Pacific R2 Ultra to your build is that it does not provide any cooling, as it lacks a heat sink. Therefore, it may be worth pairing it up with something like Thermaltake’s Pacific A2 Ultra water block for cooling.Thermaltake Pacific R2 Ultra

While the release date and pricing information haven’t been revealed as of yet, the Thermaltake Pacific R2 Ultra is expected to become available sometime during Q1 of 2022.

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