This Stardew Valley mod lets 10 players share a farm

This Stardew Valley mod lets 10 players share a farm

Farming is better with friends. After the introduction of cooperative multiplayer in Stardew Valley‘s 1.3 update, players can now share their homestead with up to three other farmers. It’s a great feature that turns an otherwise isolated, single-player experience into a collaborative affair. And with the recent launch of the Community Farm mod, players can invite all of their friends over. The Stardew Valley mod can pack ten players onto its 156×156 farmland.

The mod’s creator, SgtPicklesDotVeggies, says that approximately 23,000 of Community Farm’s tiles are farmable — be that for planting crops, placing buildings, or getting creative with decorations and walkways.

In addition to providing players with an unfathomably large farming area, Community Farm also supports ten-player multiplayer. Even with that many players, it’s hard to imagine the farm feeling crowded.

To get Community Farm running, you’ll have to install MTN (a mod that changes the placement of some buildings) as well. The extra mod is a small price to pay for a big piece of land if you ask me.

Community Farm is available through ModDB.



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