THQ Announces Metro 2033

THQ has unveiled a new first person shooter title, Metro 2033.The game is based on the novel by Dmitry Glukhovsky and is set in post-apocalyptic Moscow. A catastrophic event in 2013 annihilated almost all of humanity and a handful of survivors took refuge in the Moscow underground.By 2033, a new generation has been born and raised in the underground and various Metro Station cities compete for survival with each other and, predictably, the mutated horrors on the surface.The player takes on the role of Artyom, born and raised underground, who must embark on a mission to warn the remnants of the human race of a terrible threat.Metro 2033 is being developed by Ukrainian studio 4A Games using its proprietary 4A Game Engine and is due for release on PC and Xbox 360 in 2010. Check out the first trailer below.

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