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For the past couple of days, G2A and tinyBuild have been locking horns. If you’ve not been following the story read our two previous articles, tinyBuild: G2A are “facilitating a fraud-fueled economy” in key resales and Deconstructing G2A’s inadequate responses to tinyBuild. These will bring you up to speed.

This evening tinyBuild has issued a three day ultimatum of their own to G2A which is as follows:

In the same fashion as G2A issued us a 3 day ultimatum to share keys, we are issuing a 3 day ultimatum for G2A to provide a solution for developers and publishers to benefit from the marketplace.

Our proposed solutions are below. I’m sure there are smart people working at G2A that can come up with how to integrate something like that, or even better.

  1. Allow publishers to set a minimum price for the distributed products
  2. Set a minimum cut for all 3rd party sales of said keys (these would come out of merchants’ cut)
  3. Actually verify your merchants. I just made an account and within an hour was able to sell a ton of keys, no verification whatsoever. If Ebay allowed you to sell merchandise without verifying sellers’ credentials (they ask you for IDs, statements confirming addresses, tie it to your bank account, etc), they’d probably under similar fire right now as they’d facilitate stolen goods trade.Instead, they’re demanding lists of keys within 3 days or else (what?).

Any business revolves around mutually beneficial partnerships. As everyone knows, there’s currently no way for a company like ours to benefit from the marketplace without undercutting actual retailers. If we have solutions to set minimum pricing, getting revenue shares, and/or flatout not allowing sales of our keys on the marketplace, the tides could turn into a positive direction for the industry as a whole.

No doubt G2A will be unable to resist posting a response to the solution outlined above.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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