Titanfall - stryder

“Mr. Stryder, why do you spell your name that way?” “Shut up, Sam. Go and annoy Frodo.”

The much-hyped Titanfall ‘reveals’ from VGX amounted to a pair of videos showing two new Titans/mechs that players will be able to pilot in the Xbox One Exclusive (Also Available on PC) game. One is a heavier, more armoured vehicle called the Ogre, while the other (go on, guess) is a lighter, quicker option called the Stryder.

Both trailers are framed as ‘Hammond Robotics’ presentations and go into a few more details about the respective Titans. You can see each one of them below.

Titanfall is totally coming to the PC, no matter how much Xbox One’s marketing team might like to pretend otherwise. It’s due in 2014.

Five minutes of Dying Light from VGX 2013

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