Hi there, reader. Are you someone who likes to spend a lot of money on videogames before you even really know much about them? Then you are EA’s favourite person, because it means you might actually spend $60.00 USD on Respawn’s multiplayer shooter with robo-exoskeletons, Titanfall.

It’s true that the game is so far away from release that it appears to still be using placeholder box-art, and yes, some may question the sanity of plopping down $60 for a game we know almost nothing about at this stage; but just trust to luck and throw your money EA’s way. Basing purchasing decisions on almost ten minutes of footage from E3 is your right as a player of videogames – so go nuts!

For once, there don’t seem to be any specific bonus trinkets associated with pre-ordering this expensive, multi-player only title through EA. Maybe they’ll show up later.

Still, at least it’s definitely coming to the PC. Unlike certain games we could mention.

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