The ‘Toilet Game of the Week’ is a new weekly feature in which we give you our recommendation as to which game you should be playing on your handheld device over the next seven days.
The best way to pass the time while taking care of one’s personal business this week…Fifa 11 on iPhone.
Currently on sale for £0.59 
Electronic Arts
Why should you buy it?
It’s 59p which, quite frankly, should be all the encouragement you need. For that (sale) price, you get an awful lot for your money. Regular ‘kick-off’ exhibition matches are joined by cup and league competitions.
The 32 league competitions are spread across 23 different countries ranging from the cash rich premier divisions of Spain and England to the smaller, less wealthy divisions of Australia and Norway; the 21 cup competitions are similarly diverse. Disappointingly, however, there’s no way of buying/selling players during season mode.
There’s also a basic multiplayer feature that allows two players to play either using Bluetooth or by both connecting through the same router.
In terms of gameplay it certainly feels like Fifa but, predictably, lacks the polish and depth of its consoles variants. It’s still possible to create some nice, team-work centric goals but you don’t have the required level of control over off-the-ball players to really pull off the fancy stuff.
Input is taken care of via a virtual analogue stick on the bottom left side of the screen and a set of three buttons (that alter function depending on whether you have the ball or not) on the lower right. It works well enough, although your vision can sometimes get obscured by your thumbs when the ball is right down by the corner flag.
But… for 59p any complaints seem a little nit-picky. It’s Fifa, it’s 59p; ’nuff said.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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