In case you hadn’t heard, GOGcom is celebrating their 6th birthday with a Year Two promo. The games up on offer are time limited, so you will need to check everyday to see what they will offer.

This list features the top rated games on the service as of right now. Of course, there will be a lot of 5 star games on GOGcom, so I’ve handpicked classics that are priced below $ 10, and tried to provide some variety as well. Chances are high that you’ll be seeing these games come up for $ 5 or even less.

If you feel there are any great classics that were woefully omitted here that are available in GOGcom, please share your thoughts in the comments.


Warren Spector’s original masterpiece remains relevant and very, very playable, As JC Denton, a nanotech augmented UNATCO agent, you are tasked with taking down terrorist group NSF. When the game hits you with that dramatic twist, however, you will find yourself investigating a conspiracy that goes deep, and working to stop a global epidemic. The game’s nonlinear storyline and freedom to  take action will immerse you in a way modern shooters are unable to evoke. This Game of the Year Edition comes with multiple bonuses, including the soundtrack, manual, newspaper handouts, and more. Buy Here Now

System Shock 2 

This is basically one of those must play games, so it will always come up in lists like these. You are a UNN soldier on board the  starship Von Braun. In classic sci-fi horror fashion, the Von Braun comes to answer a distress call from Tau Ceti V, only to find no humans and no threat. On the way back, however, you learn that an intergalactic threat has come on board, one that has been laying dormant for some  time, but is aching for a return to power. Few people know this, but System Shock 2 can be played by two cooperatively, so you don’t need to take on this threat on your own.  Buy Here Now

Total Annihilation Commander Pack 

Total Annihilation is the game that made the name of one Chris Taylor, one of the most influential game designers of all time. This RTS  may be remembered by many as the one that couldn’t compete with Warcraft/Starcraft, but it does not have to be like that. Total Annihilation is also one of the most awarded games of all time, and for good reason, as the combination of visual spectacle and peerless mechanics makes this one of the best games you may have never played. It also boasted more nuances than Blizzard’s more famous RTS IPs, including introducing radar, unlimited resource gathering, physics, and more This bundle includes both the original game and its two expansions, The Core Contingency and Battle Tactics. Buy Here Now

Star Control 1 & 2

You have seen this title in my lists before, and you will see it again and again. Star Control 2, in particular, is often considered the finest PC game ever made. This full fledged adventure game included exploration, diplomacy, resource gathering, strategy, and intense shoot-em-up elements. The original is also a worthy game, a strategy/space battle game.  Buy Here Now

Defender of the Crown

Cinemaware’s glorious debut on GOGcom is their flagship title. King Richard has been murdered, and you are in a position to unite England and lay waste to those who would see it burn to seize power. This is the strategy game with Robin Hood in it, but instead of playing as him, you play one of three Saxon leaders allied with him. Back then reviewers were wowed by the game’s amazing presentation on the Amiga, and that still holds up today. GOGcom and Cinemaware offer both the award winning Amiga, and inferior, but also highly popular, DOS version, now playable on modern computers. Buy Here Now

The Longest Journey

The game that preceded Dreamfall is a worthy tale all of its own. Once again you travel between two worlds, Stark and Arcadia, through the eyes of April Ryan, an 18 year old art student. Behind the veil of sleep lies Arcadia, a world of magic and chaos. April is pulled between the two worlds and compelled by fate to unite them. Buy Here Now


Sanitarium is a unique game in the horror genre, and something you need to experience at least once. You enter a bizarre playground in an isometric view, with bizarre, dreamlike aberrations, gods, and ghosts. You are a patient in an asylum, and drifting between your time in the asylum and asleep, you unlock the mystery of why you are there, and if you are really insane. Buy Here Now

Another World 20th Anniversary Edition

Another World is a truly unique item in the world of video games. Eric Chahi’s groundbreaking adventure game broke free from the conventions of platformers, and told a truly unique, at times obtuse, narrative. A young physicist gets transported into an alien landscape, and has to plan his escape from this world, as well as the oppressive creatures who hunt him down.Eric had been porting Another World for every generation of platforms, but with this 20th Anniversary Edition, he has made a truly worthy play for modern gamers. Buy Here Now

Thief Gold

Thief: The Dark Age is the progenitor of the stealth genre, and still one of the most intense, enjoyable games of its type today (Unfortunately partly due to the botched remake). Unlike its contemporary Metal Gear, Thief  employed a first person perspective, and also offered lighting and audio mechanics to give your sneaking around extra depth. Beyond that, Thief had a certain ambience that you could use to your advantage.

Gogcom offers the Thief Gold special edition of the game. Thief Gold improves on the original 12 missions and adds three more. Below $ 10, it’s a tremendous value.  Buy Here Now

IL-2 Sturmovik 1946

Flight simulators have become scarce in recent years, but that is not because they were bad games. On the contrary, they may just have been waiting for the tech to catch up, and with the Star Citizen Hangar Module, it might be due for a revival very soon.

In the meantime, however, you could not do bad playing Il-2 Sturmovik. The real life Sturmovik was dubbed by the Germans as the Black Death, and the Russians as a flying tank. In this game, you take to the skies as a Russian pilot, taking down Nazi forces in the air and on the ground. This is the near definitive version of the game, with the four add on packs and 300 planes. Buy Here Now



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